Sometimes people get a business idea that they really want to execute. Sometimes people just want to have a business but don’t know where to start. The problem is they either don’t have enough knowledge to execute it or don’t have enough funds to hire someone to do it for them. The alternative is purchasing a ready made site with a similar business model and work on building that or turning it into your own.

Our Ready-made Websites

Aliexpress Dropshipping Store

Want to run a Dropshipping website but without the hassle? All items are dropshipped through AliExpress so you never have to worry about stock or shipping and the entire process is automated.

I want aliexpress Dropshipping

Fully Automated News Website

This news site is 100% automated and makes for a great source of passive income. This means that news articles are automatically being fetched and posted into the right category.

I need custom News Blog



You’re looking at a fully online service business that’s 100% outsourced.

Making Money

This is a reseller business. That means that the owner of this site simply has to place the same order on the supplíer’s website/account when an order comes in.

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