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Social listening: what it is, why it matters, and how to do it

Boom! Someone just posted a tweet praising your product. On the other side of the world, an article featuring your company among the most promising startups of 2019 was published. Elsewhere, a Reddit user started a thread complaining about your customer care. A thousand miles away, a competitor posted an announcement about a new product […]

Pinterest brings Shoppable Pins to visual searches for fashion, home products

Pinterest announced on Tuesday it has advanced its Lens capabilities, making it possible for the visual search tool to now identify more than 2.5 billion fashion and home products. With this latest advancement, the company is adding fashion and home related Shoppable Pins to visual search results. “Now, when you use Lens within a fashion […]

6 of the best social listening tools for 2020

In your personal life, reading people’s minds is a questionable superpower; but the business benefits of being able to listen in on people’s thoughts are infinite. And while social media monitoring isn’t exactly about reading people’s minds, it’s as close to it as it gets. Social listening gives you access to what people are saying […]

Pinterest Trends gives marketers a view of the top U.S. searches on the platform

Pinterest Trends, a new tool that will provide an overview of the top U.S. search terms over the past 12 months along with data on when those search terms peaked, has begun rolling out, the company announced on Tuesday. Why we care Google Trends has long been a resource marketers have relied on to gauge […]

Social Shorts: LinkedIn Events, Facebook Story Ad templates and Pinterest Lite

This collection of social media marketing and new hire announcements is a compilation of the past week’s briefs from our daily Marketing Land newsletter. Click here to subscribe and get more news like this delivered to your inbox every morning. Event planning on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has rolled out a new Events feature that makes it […]

Pinterest’s new Home Feed tool lets users fine-tune the Pins they’ll see

Pinterest launched a new “Home Feed Tuner” on Tuesday that gives users more insight into what factors impact the content being surfaced in their home feeds and more control over what they see. The tool shows the boards, topics, followed accounts and recent history activity that determine recommendations in a user’s feed, and allows the […]

Welcome to the next era of social media marketing

At this year’s F8 Developer’s Conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stood on stage and announced, “The future is private.” It was a bold statement coming from the guy who has spent the past eighteen months tackling a firestorm of criticism over misusing customer data and information. Still, the intent – that Facebook is shifting its […]

Pinterest unveils new video capabilities for brands

Pinterest business profiles now have a video tab. Pinterest has rolled out new video capabilities for brands on the platform. Businesses now have an updated video uploader to ease the process of uploading video content, a new tab within business profiles dedicated to videos and new “lifetime view” video analytics (to see how a video […]

Pinterest’s new Mobile Ad Tools let you create, manage campaigns from your phone

Pinterest launched Mobile Ad Tools this week. Pinterest has introduced new Mobile Ads Tools that allow advertisers to create campaign on their mobile devices. Advertisers can choose a Pin from their business profile, and create a campaign for it by selecting automated or custom targeting options, daily budget rules and the duration of the campaign. […]

Pinterest’s new Shop the Look collections lets brands promote several items in one mobile ad

Pinterest announced on Monday it would soon be releasing Shop the Look ads in a new collections format for mobile. The ads will roll out in the U.S. over the coming months. The company is also redesigning the layout for Business Profiles on its platform and extending its Catalogs and Shopping Ads to more countries. […]