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Demandbase brings account-based advertising to consumer platforms

[ad_1] Demandbase, the ABM software platform, has launched Audience Management Destinations, a new solution which enables account-based advertising on a range of platforms associated more with B2C than B2B activity. Why we care. Again, the B2B buyer journey has changed — irrevocably. Not only is it now digital-first, except perhaps in the most intransigently traditional […]

Mediavine boosts programmatic ad spend on minority-owned inventory

[ad_1] Ad management platform Mediavine has announced a “significant uptick” in programmatic ad sales for minority-owned inventory drawn from its network of some 8,300 independent publishers. The increase was seen following the onboarding of Colossus SSP in July. Colossus is a custom supply side platform geared to delivering a highly diverse marketplace to advertisers. It […]

How much to spend on SEO: Budget strategies that fit your business

[ad_1] A steady upward trend in SEO spending indicates that marketers realize the role SEO plays in helping prospective customers find their offerings. In 2020 alone, US businesses invested an estimated $79.3 billion to increase their organic footprint. But even if you know how critical SEO is to your marketing, deciding how much to spend […]

Doubling video ad revenue with AdOps: Monday’s daily brief

[ad_1] MarTech’s daily brief features daily insights, news, tips, and essential bits of wisdom for today’s digital marketer. If you would like to read this before the rest of the internet does, sign up here to get it delivered to your inbox daily. Good morning, Marketers, and are you warming up the Schadenfreude? Following the […]

Snap ad business takes a hit due to iOS privacy updates

[ad_1] On Thursday Snap, owner of popular chat app Snapchat, reported lower revenues than expected for 3Q, and pointed to Apple’s iOS privacy updates as a primary cause. The new iOS’s App Tracking Transparency feature restricts the ability to track user behavior across apps and measure the effects of advertising. Snap reported $1.07 billion in […]

Coveo adds Qubit to boost AI-driven commerce

[ad_1] Coveo, the relevance cloud, has announced the acquisition of London-based Qubit, the commerce-focused personalization engine. The acquisition brings together two well-known players in the AI-driven commerce space. The cost of the acquisition was not announced. Coveo’s offering is based around a self-teaching relevant search engine, which crunches data on user behavior to automatically generate […]

Facebook’s failure highlights why email reigns

[ad_1] What were you doing when Facebook went down on Monday? If you were like many of your fellow marketers, you were tearing your hair out because you couldn’t access any Facebook-owned sites like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. No social posting. No campaign research, launches or analysis. Gaahhhhh! But some resourceful email marketers seized the […]

How to become a B2B influencer on LinkedIn

[ad_1] Adopting a soft sales technique on LinkedIn can grow your network, and ultimately sales, according to Darryl Praill, CRO for sales engagement software company VanillaSoft. “You’ve got your marketing or your sales list of people you’re trying to target,” Praill said, “but that’s just the people you know of. The fact is there’s thousands […]