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The future of digital advertising: Personalization through agility and automation

Building great ad creative is more important than ever to grab your audience’s attention and drive better business results. As a result, agility in digital advertising is becoming a crucial strategy to take advantage of real-time creative opportunities and deliver the most relevant ad to the right customer, even as third-party cookies crumble. Join […]

Mailchimp responds to customers’ demands for new email templates

Mailchimp, the marketing automation and email marketing platform for small businesses, today announced the release of new email templates, one of the most requested updates from its customers. The templates can be customized by marketers with no coding skills required. 21 new templates were made available for purchase today; more will follow, making up a […]

Breaking down MarTech’s Email Marketing Periodic Table: Friday’s daily brief

Good morning, Marketers, sometimes using personalized messaging with consumers is getting too personal. It doesn’t help when the finer points are flubbed, as you’ll see in our first piece below. Are you setting up these messages to fail with your customers? It might be time to rethink how you’re using data, and we have some […]

Google vows to adjust global ad technology after settlement with French Competition Authority

Along with paying a $268 million fine, Google agreed to adjust its ad technology to provide more flexibility and transparency as well as improve the way its Ad Manager services works with rival ad servers and sales platforms. “We have agreed on a set of commitments to make it easier for publishers to make use […]

The Email Marketing Periodic Table: Manage deliverability and optimization like a scientist

Email has long been one of the most reliable marketing channels for getting your messaging in front of your customers. Whether it’s content in the form of a weekly newsletter, a personalized promotion or an important account update, marketers need to trust that their message will be delivered and that they’ve optimized those messages to […]

Brand safety Whack-a-Mole: Marketoon of the Week

With YouTube’s announcement that it will begin showing ads on all videos, regardless of whether you are in its partner program, we thought this recent cartoon from Tom Fishburne was appropriate. Fishburne’s take: “Much of the traditional approach to brand safety has been reactive. Tools like keyword and URL blocklists are notoriously clumsy and lack […]

Why marketing attribution and predictive analytics tools are gaining currency: Tuesday’s daily brief

Good morning, Marketers, and do you like your new home? I mean MarTech, of course, the new offspring of Marketing Land and MarTech Today. Yesterday was our first day live, and we were off to a flying start. Our first feature on how marketing ops and marketing fit together (see yesterday’s newsletter) was followed up […]