About us

Hello, my name is Ika and I am the founder of Ikakenes.com. I am was born and raised in Sumatra Indonesia. I have started my career as a Technical recruiter at Singaporean companies. Helping them to hire developers across SEA. In the same year, as I am passionate about design content appearance, I have started running my business back in 2018 through Fiverr. Offering a social media content creation. In less than a year my account got promoted to the two-level seller and until today I have helped nearly 400 clients from all over the world. 

My aim is to help entrepreneurs to get started with their social appearance. Managing social media on your own doesn’t sound so hard therefore if you start your own business and managing everything on your own this could be very challenging. In this regard, I want nothing more than to help you relax a bit! 

Secondly, as Technical Recruiter. I got to came across so many amazing young talents from Indonesia or outside of Indonesia collaborating together! So although my main business Social media content creation, if someday as we all wish your business growing and you need a website developer, app developer, simply let me know. On my LinkedIn, I have over 9000 Talents connection from SEA!

Meet the team

As we know we can never work alone, I have collaborated with amazing friends of mine. Our goal to empower one another. 

Graphic Designer

Bimo is a very young yet very go-getter. Has great design taste and easily follows the guidelines. Bimo is such a big help for Ikakenes. He has crafted amazing designs for our clients. 

Caption Writer

I met Devi when we both worked together from the same company. We get along and we share the same passion for social media. She has helped create creative and unique captions to offer to our valuable clients.

Social Media Manager

Priskyla is my best friend, she has been working as a freelancer since she was at the university. Priskyla helping to manage social media such as follow, unfollow, comments, and like! 


Any questions? Give me a call