About This Service:

I have recently started building functional websites that are fully monetized and ready to earn money. My mission is to help entrepreneurs to get started with their business.

I have been selling these on Flippa, an online website and domain marketplace and from my personal website. 

My ready-made website

My Ready-made website covers

Aliexpress Dropshipping Store

Want to run a Dropshipping website but without the hassle? All items are dropshipped through AliExpress so you never have to worry about stock or shipping and the entire process is automated.

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Fully Automated News Website

This news site is 100% automated and makes for a great source of passive income. This means that news articles are automatically fetched and posted into the right category. You can use this website to promote your store. 

I need a custom blog website


You’re looking at a fully online service business that’s 100% outsourced.

Making Money

This is a reseller business. That means that the owner of this site simply has to place the same order on the supplíer’s website/account when an order comes in. For example you open Graphic design service and you outcource someone from Fiverr and more. 

I want this business model